Start Selling in few steps

Step 1

Click on “Start Selling On Counter” from SELL ON COUNTER section.

Step 2

Enter your information in “REGISTER” form area with an active email address and other information required. Don’t forget to click on “I am Vendor” & then register.

Step 3

Enter your Store / Shop address and click on “Continue” button.

Step 4

Enter your Bank account details to receive payments include a title of account, (Account holder’s name) Account number, branch code and address of the branch. If you are an international Vendor or expecting to get customers from abroad then you will also need to enter your Routing number, IBAN & Swift code. Enter required information & click on “Continue”.

Step 5

Your Store / Shop is ready, now click on “Go to your Store Dashboard!” click on “Go to your Store Dashboard!”

Step 6

Now start adding the product (s) by clicking on “Add new product” button.

Step 7

Add picture of your product (size should 600*600px), Title or name of your product, select category for your product and then finally click on “Create & add new” button.

Good News! you just added your product successfully to your store, now our team will soon approve this product after necessary checks. Our support team is 7/24 available if you need any support while creating your Store with us.